Julian Sparber mastodon (AP)
one step closer to a working Matrix client: Fractal-next now sends text messages 😎
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Elias MÃ¥rtenson mastodon (AP)
since you're writing a Matrix client, would you be willing to answer a question which had bugged me for quite some time?

I've noticed that all clients except for Element are not able to authenticate the key, meaning that I can never get rid of the warning abut an untrusted client. Is this particularly difficult to implement? There must be a reason why no clients do it?
Which key, and which warning, are you talking about?
lorabe mastodon (AP)
I read the article and i can feel the hype.

Now #Matrix promises to be the ideal #signal replacement, i just want to have a nice looking native client with E2E encription.
optimal mastodon (AP)
How will Spaces UI be implemented?
Julian Sparber mastodon (AP)
There aren't any plans for spaces.