Boosted! 💉💉💉 All three doses with different vaccines. First dose AstraZeneca, second dose Pfizer, and third dose Moderna.
Pavithran S diaspora
But last two are same type. 1 Spike protein based adenovector vaccine + 2 spike protein based adeno vector vaccines. Now approved in europe is the new novovax vaccine with protein subunit variety.

If you want generic third type India based Covaxin or china based sinovac are based on dead/inactivated full virus.
Yeah. Novavax has been submitted for approval in Canada, but hasn't been approved yet. And I wouldn't be able to get Covaxin or Sinovac without leaving the country. The only other vaccine currently approved in Canada is J&J (which AIUI is similar to AZ), but it isn't being used for boosters.