Synapse 1.3.0 released

posted by pod_feeder_v2
Do you know why stretch backports is such an old version. I was forced to upgrade to buster backports :P
stretch-backports is based on buster, so it won't contain anything newer than what's in buster. And buster has 0.99.2 because that was the version that was available when buster froze. There is stretch-backports-sloppy, which (AIUI) can be updated with what's currently in testing, but I don't know if andrewsh (or anyone else) has plans do upload synapse there. It may be best to ask in Alternatively, use the packages from ;)
stretch-backports is based on buster, so it won’t contain anything newer than what’s in buster.
Really? I didn't know this, are you sure there are rules like that? This would kind of make oldstable-backports kind of an obsolete project?
Yes,see the "sloppy distributions" section of