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Communal Bonfires; creating space for group-scale discourse on top of @matrix

Today we're pre-releasing Commune, our first foundational step towards a community platform built specifically for alignment with digital gardens.

Cyber-ecological messaging anyone?!

It's an evolving piece of software serving as the primary bonfire component of the overarching Community OS concept.

#fediverse #opensource #threadiverse #community #matrix #CommuneApp

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Great to see this, and good blog (am still reading).

The marriage of chat + forum on the characteristics you list is an important one.

Once you have 2 *separate* community channels, say a #Matrix chat and a #Discourse forum, you immediately have a problem. The chat is so low-barrier that important info to be kept longer term ends up there and gets lost in the chat flow history. It requires reminding all the time "Please take this to forum".

A good integration can avoid that.

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This is great! Judging by its Matrix chat room I thought Commune development went stale. Very happy to be wrong about that!

very nice, looking forward to trying! This seems to have some potential for convergence/federation with the [[Agora]] project which we are trying to build, would love to discuss opportunities for integration.

The Agora interacts with activitypub through bots currently, the main integration point currently is at the level of digital gardens hosted on git by default.

are you familiar with [[bonfire]] by @mayel -- an activitypub implementation with the same name that seems to have also some overlap in scope?
@flancian the main difference is that Bonfire is an all-in-one app with a bespoke implementation of various workflows. Our approach is much more reliant on protocols and interop between them.
@boris i really resonate with the diagram of thought / chat / thread / article
@boris and what is described in the post. i have meaningful exchanges in chat, then deeper conversations in forums, and sometimes i’ll write a piece on my blog. yet those are all islands, and not always linkable.

@bentsai not quite the same picture, but @blaine sketched out different types of communication mediums are appropriate for different kinds of personas or types of communication.

Medium x Persona grid