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Managed to get to a place that wasn't too cloudy for today's eclipse, near the path of totality. I got a few pictures with my camera. I didn't bring any fancy equipment; I just brought my 20-year-old DSLR, with the kit lens. So the pictures are nothing spectacular, but I'm happy enough with what I got. Here are a couple that I took.
Picture of today's solar eclipse.  There is a white ring around a black circle, with a bright spot at the top-right.
The sun is high in the sky, but the sky and ground dark, as if the sun is setting.  This picture was taken shortly after the peak.

Lunar eclipse early this morning
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Your PDA diagram looks a bit fishy. And by "fishy", I mean it looks like a fish. ;)
On a more serious note, a long time ago, I used to teach finite automata, so it's always fun to see people using it in real life.