I hate living in interesting times
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On Women’s Day we call for equal opportunities for women and other under-represented groups. To thrive we need women in technology and in Free Software, both as developers and as part of our movement.
Painting of a girl archer. Text: “Women's freedom is the sign of social freedom.” – Rosa Luxemburg
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Josh Jersild mastodon (AP)
When a C programmer gives you advice on how to light something on fire, it's called a "char pointer"
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Carl Schwan :kde: mastodon (AP)
I wrote a bit about my experience in Brussels attending a workshop from the European Commission and representing @kde and @neochat, in case this interest anyone :) #DMAWorkshop
Picture of the workshop room with the European commission and some panelist.
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Moritz mastodon (AP)
Thanks for the summary! Two small typos: "OpemMLS" and "Instragram".
Carl Schwan :kde: mastodon (AP)
@preya Thanks for letting me know, it should be fixed now :)
Simon Phipps mastodon (AP)
Nice write-up, thanks. I was frankly amazed the Meta guy stuck with his prepared statement despite being preceded by a demo by @matthew that showed he was wrong!

@kde@neochat mastodon (AP)
Both @signalapp and Element united in trying to avert the privacy disaster that is the UK's Online Safety Bill:
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nosat mastodon (AP)
pedophiles: "It is important that technology companies make every effort to ensure that their platforms do not become a breeding ground for paedophiles," 🤣

how about arrest those creating the child abuse images...but I guess they will not arrest themselves 🤷‍♂️
Michal Špondr mastodon (AP)
So an app that is expected to act as a means of communication in the very countries where privacy is being fought will be withdrawn if intimidated? What is then the point of using this app?

DeepBlue V7.X mastodon (AP)
Hey, since usually asking questions here works quite well, I will try that again:

What makes a #matrix client something, that you would recommend to other people to try (even if you might not want to use it yourself). Or rather, what makes the client stable enough for day to day use for you. And what would make you recommend a client to someone as their first client to get started with #matrix?

I am aware, that everyone has different opinions there, so I am trying to gather everything. <3
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Matt mastodon (AP)
Not sure these are recommendations but I sure like #FluffyChat and #Cinny 😎

DeepBlue V7.X mastodon (AP)
@matt Well, I was mostly looking for what defines a stable and recommendable client instead of specific examples :)
Andrew mastodon (AP)
I just need something to look and feel like a 'normal' chat app, and not randomly sign out which is an issue for some apps.

Fluffychat is a long way in the lead for me, but it needs a boring fork/version with a boring name and a boring icon. I can't ask anyone to install Fluffychat, I need an MChat.

DeepBlue V7.X mastodon (AP)
Hey, there is a new #Nheko in town!

It brings many improvements to the markdown input, user search for the invite dialog and lots of fixes and improvements! Check it out here:

(Nheko is a #matrix client, if you know what that means!)
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NeoChat mastodon (AP)
Congrats 🎉
artafinde mastodon (AP)
in Arch repos :archlinux: now mastodon (AP)
Matrix 1.6 is live with MSC3030 jump-to-date, and MSC3706 faster joins! 📆🏎️

Check it out, and all the other MSCs freshly merged 🔽
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Ren 🐧 mastodon (AP)
Are there any MSCs being looked at for thing like named roles w/ permissions tied to the role? (i.e. You could make a MOD role the could be tagged and has special permissions. Similar to power levels already in use but much easier to manage than a bunch of numbers).
Ludovic mastodon (AP)
looks like JIRA issues

Absolutely the best Acknowledgments section of a paper I’ve read. From #astrodon / h/t @playingwithdust
6 Acknowledgments
The majority of the work presented here was undertaken as part of C. Sharpe’s honours year at the University of Sydney, but was originally conceived by G. F. Lewis. We would like to thank A. Arbey et al. for making their AlterBBN code publicly available as this paper would not have been possible without it. G. F. Lewis received no funding to support this research. C. Sharpe would also like to thank NSW police for ensuring a swift return of his belongings, including his laptop, after having them burgled from his house a few weeks before this paper’s submission. Additionally, he would like to thank his neighbour, Gary, who spotted the burglar and, rather than simply phoning the police and staying put, decided to yell ‘you better run fast mate’ before chasing the man down the street, tackling him, pinning him to the ground, and then calling the police, all while still in his pyjamas and a sleepy daze.
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TravisR mastodon (AP)
With 6 years of operation, is finally seeking donations formally to offset increasing costs and reduce the impact it has on the Foundation.

If has been useful to you, and you're able to donate, please consider donating today:

More information & stats are available on the (infrequently updated) blog:

Thanks for supporting free community-centric Matrix bots & bridges :)

#matrix #donations mastodon (AP) is a formidable way for people to get a taste of what Matrix bots and bridges can look like.

If you rely on services and can afford it, consider supporting @travisr
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hydrandt mastodon (AP) is awesome! thanks for keeping it up, Travis!

Doug Belshaw mastodon (AP)
I've realised that people might not really have any clue about how #coops are different from regular businesses. So I'm going to write something.

🤔 Questions?


There are no stupid answers. You might want to ask about things related to everything from politics to money to the history of the co-operative movement. It could be that you just want to know how co-ops make decisions when everyone owns the business? Up to you.
coop marque
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Doug Belshaw mastodon (AP)
@hubert Thanks Hubert! Good questions
Doug Belshaw mastodon (AP)
@hubert Also, in terms of the underlying issues, you may be interested in this post from earlier in the week:

Chris Holdgraf mastodon (AP)
Learned about this nice phrase for politely but firmly setting behavioral boundaries in open communities:

"We don't do that here."

thanks @floord for teaching me about it in your #FOSDEM talk!
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Bread and Circuses mastodon (AP)
This cartoon is funny... 😄

so why am I crying? 😢

#Extinction #ClimateCrisis
Two dinosaurs are conversing in a four-panel comic. Above them in the sky can be seen the incoming asteroid that will make them extinct.

First panel, one dinosaur says, "I can't believe it's all going to end." Second panel, the other dinosaur says, "It could be worse." Next panel, first dinosaur asks, "How?" Last panel, second dinosaur responds, "We could have been told how to prevent it and done nothing."
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vanitasvitae mastodon (AP)
OH: (at the @xmpp booth at #fosdem)

"And do you have a discord channel?"
networkException mastodon (AP)
do you have a matrix room?

💚 1 year using Matrix

In the FSFE we started using Matrix last year. Since then we enjoy interactive chats in a privacy-friendly way. Join our main community room

Fun fact: The state of France also uses Matrix. @matrix
A computer screen with Matrix on it and FSFE posters in the background.
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Open Rights Group mastodon (AP)
What does the #OnlineSafetyBill mean for the UK tech sector and the security of messaging platforms? Matthew Hodgson, CEO of @matrix spoke to the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 about the amendment imposing criminal penalties on tech bosses and how it threatens encryption.
#e2ee #privacy
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Doug Belshaw mastodon (AP)
Last week I was talking about how awesome it would be if some of the people who have been laid off recently from 'Big Tech' jobs decided to form #coops.

There seemed to be a need for more info around this, so I had a meeting with CoTech colleagues @BillySmith@chrislowis & @Graham_Mitchell to figure out something practical.

Pleased to show MVP site as a result of this at

There are five of us - including @KingMob - volunteering initially. Please share widely!
Screenshot of MVP 'CoTech Digital Candle' service.

Text reads:" Interested in starting a co-op? Get some help from CoTech"

Underneath is an embedded Google Calendar form.
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Awesome, this is a thing I've been thinking about a lot, and which I've gotten buy-in for from my current client, as a way of expanding our relationship (so to speak).

I have booked a slot to chat with you on Friday morning (Jon Levin), looking forward to it!

May I introduce the initial pre-alpha version of the Matrix POSIX SDK:

Only a proof of concept as of now, but work will go on!

#matrix #MatrixPosixSdk #bash #shell
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Stuart mastodon (AP)
I haven't played Monopoly for many years now. The last game was with three housemates at university. One housemate was winning and really enjoying his triumph over the rest of us. So I suggested to my other two housemates that we form a cooperative. We would let each other off rents on our properties. The standards rents would apply to anyone not in the coop. And you could leave the coop if you wanted. None of this is forbidden in the rules of Monopoly because it has little market regulation.
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Stuart mastodon (AP)
Although Monopoly is so often presented/framed as an individualistic game of capitalist dominance, it doesn't actually have to be played like that. The system might strongly encourage that but the players can behave differently. A better way is possible.
Stuart mastodon (AP)
It did teach me that a bunch of libertarian men are all in favour of lower regulation until you use that lack of regulation to behave cooperatively to help each other.
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As a result of working on some other personal project, I've ended up writing a literate programming extension for Sphinx: One problem with personal projects is that if you're not careful, they may spawn other projects.

Gitter is going fully native Matrix in Feb. 2023,

#chat #gitter #matrix #element
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Servo mastodon (AP)
A brief update on the Servo project's renewed activity in 2023:
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Ricky de Laveaga mastodon (AP)
🦀 ❤️ mystery #servo "new external funding"

Patrick Cloke mastodon (AP)
A more meta post on *how* I do research before writing a Matrix Spec Change:
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DeepBlue V7.X mastodon (AP)
You know the custom of having a cheesy goal for the next year? Well, I had Raclette for new years, so my only goal was to have at least one #Nheko release! And for that reason and to get all the planned things out of the way for this year, it is my pleasure to announce #Nheko 0.11.0!

Threads, search, pushrules, unread indicator, confetti and much more at or from the other places you usually get your packages from!

(For anyone who doesn't know, Nheko is a #matrix client)
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DeepBlue V7.X mastodon (AP)
(Now finally the flatpak build published properly)

a good explanation of offset credits #climatechange

Fedora Project mastodon (AP)
The #Fedora Project uses @matrix for our instant messaging needs (with IRC bridges also).

While the default experience is with #Element, there are several other neat Matrix clients you can use.

#Fractal, @neochat, and #Nheko are some great options to check out!

Then you can check out Fedora's Matrix room as well:
Element (desktop, mobile and web) Built with Electron, it's the flagship Matrix client, where most of the features are first tested and implemented, with some big ones like video rooms and message threads still being in beta, but soon to come to stable releases as well. NeoChat (desktop and mobile) Built on Qt+Kirigami, it's the go-to for integrating with the KDE desktop environment.
Fractal (desktop only) Now built on Rust and GTK+libadwaita, it's the go-to for integrating with the GNOME desktop environment. Nheko (desktop only) Built on Qt, it looks and feels like a more feature-packed version of NeoChat.
Fedora Project mastodon (AP)
Here's two more @matrix clients for you!

@cinnyapp, for folks who like Discord's look and feel

#gomuks, for folks who go nuts for the terminal

What's your favorite #Matrix client?
Cinny (desktop and web) Built on Electron, it creates a client that looks similar to the proprietary competitors while still having its own style.
gomuks (desktop only) Built with Go, it's a Matrix client for those that never want to leave the terminal. Why use a GUI, right?
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DeepBlue V7.X mastodon (AP)
Seeing the pink #nheko image I made in the gomuks screenshot will never not be funny!
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DeepBlue V7.X mastodon (AP)
Since the last few official #Matrix holiday updates didn't mention as many of the cool community projects as I would have liked, I tried to work with the community to publish a community side review of 2022 as well as possibly some small teasers of what 2023 will bring. There are a lot of very varied updates, since everyone seems to have tackled the challenge differently, but I hope you you enjoy the result as much as I did:
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Carl Schwan :kde: mastodon (AP)
Thanks for organizing this!
DeepBlue V7.X mastodon (AP)
@carlschwan Thank you guys for making awesome stuff and helping out with some text!
Rodion Borisov mastodon (AP)
Oh dang! I totally missed the #Matrix Moderation Widget for #Mjolnir. Thank you.

/cc @Matrix

We would like to say thanks to all in the #XMPP community and beyond, for your engagement in this year #2022!
A good time for you to say thanks to the projects you use and maybe also give a bit back. Looking forward!

#opensource #decentralisation #interoperability #jabber #rtc
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Ade Malsasa Akbar mastodon (AP)
boosted, my friend. mastodon (AP)
The 2022 Matrix Holiday Update is here - looking back on all the news from the Matrix core team in 2022, both good & bad, and hoping for a better 2023. Happy holidays, and thanks for flying Matrix. ☃️
Lutin Discret mastodon (AP)
reading this was so nice.

I'm sad to learn Neil left, I hope the project won't suffer.

About location sharing: have you considered about the privacy issue of downloading tiles? This might disclose your location. I know there was a messenger that planned using #peermaps to mitigate that.

For the funding we are doing our part (with @copiepublique) but have you considered a progress bar? If crowdfunding platform use this pattern, it may work (gamification?) mastodon (AP)
@lutindiscret@copiepublique yup, we need to sort out a progress bar - and thanks :) for location share privacy; your client can use whatever maptile server it likes (optionally using one recommended by your server).
Lutin Discret mastodon (AP)
there is another topic that is missing IMO.

Where is the "matrix dmoz"? I think matrix has a discoverability problem. I'm doing my part, creating themed spaces but where can one find a searchable list of (big) spaces? For newcomers, Matrix looks empty 😔
Stefan mastodon (AP)
thanks for sharing this Notification about the new Entry in your Blog. 👍

People shouldn't forget to Support the Developers of #MatrixProtocol with Donations to Future proof there Work. 😉

Got #FluffyChat builds on Windows working with #libolm bundled for encryption support. I hope we can officially ship Windows builds with the next release 🎉!

#matrix #flutter #dart #windows #olm
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MTRNord (they/them) Private message mastodon (AP)
I am curious: what was the issue? :D
MTRNord (they/them) Private message mastodon (AP)
lovely 😬

José Valim akkoma (AP)
With the release of ExDoc Cheatsheets, we thought it would be a good time to recap and show other 8 ExDoc features that make the documentation experience in Elixir such a joy: (plus two bonus entries!)

By @hugobarauna! #MyElixirStatus
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NeoChat mastodon (AP)
Quotient 0.7 is out! Containing a few years of work, this releases makes it possible to use end-to end-encryption with NeoChat and bring other nice features and improvements with it. You can read the full release announcement here:

Huge thanks to KitsuneRal and all the other contributors for all their work on this release.
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Dimitris Kardarakos mastodon (AP)
That's great, congrats!

Europe approves short-haul flight bans to bring down emissions. Canada cannot even consider the same climate win
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Twitter's new policy doesn't just affect people who want to link to their own profiles on other platforms. It affects people who want to link to other people. Want to promote your friend who only has a presence on one of the "prohibited" platforms? Too bad. Can't do that.

Björn Schießle mastodon (AP)
Just a few weeks ago, when the first #Twitter refugees entered the #Fediverse. People explained that one of the big drawbacks/risks of #Mastodon is, that you depends on the admin of your server.

I never got the argument. But now it should get clear for everyone. On the Fediverse you can chose the server, change it or run your own. No single person can bring the network down in contrast to centralized services. Actually what was described as a drawback is a strength as everyone can see now.
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VIOLATION: defederates from
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Thib mastodon (AP)
Picking up open source to be independent of a vendor means only considering part of the problem.

If an organisation wants to be independent of a vendor it needs to:
- Pick an open source solution
- Upstream everything it can. The corollary of it is “avoid features that cannot be upstreamed”
- Contribute to the sustainability of the solution either with maintenance work, or even better by becoming a paying member of a non-profit in charge of maintaining it

Be independent. Fund open source.
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Michael Maass mastodon (AP)
wenn ich doch nur unser Finanzwesen davon Überzeugen könnte… steh dazu was im neuen Digitalisierungsprogramm?

WOW. Elon Musk's Twitter straight-up banned the account for Mastodon. Just, wow.
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jack pleroma (AP)
thats not what that screen means
It's literally right there in front of your eyes
jack pleroma (AP)
nope. they use this for all suspensions, temporary, click-through and permanent.
clacke: seeking 🇸🇪🇭🇰💙💛 friendica (via ActivityPub)
@jack@GamingOnLinux 🐧🎮 Oh. This complaint is about some very specific meaning of the word "ban", is it?
— You can follow it here: @elonsjet
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