Congratulations to the #PEI #Green party for achieving official opposition status.

ICYMI: ZDNet published an exclusive story by veteran journalist Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols about the launch of the Pioneer Edition #FreedomBox.

"We can, in short, rebuild the internet so that we, and not multi-billion dollar companies, are in charge," says Vaughan-Nichols.

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It's btw great to be a part of a team that takes this kind of an attack and as a team uses it to only come back stronger <3

Experimental Latex live preview in the @cryptpad Code pad ! Would that be nice ? #cryptpad #latex #research

We have discovered and addressed a security breach - Matrix

If you have ever had an account on the server, please reset the password and also any other sites passwords if you used the same password elsewhere.

More details by the team to follow.

#security #infosec #matrix


#1 in our #opensciencetop10 is — web based rich text editor - the reasonis that a Google Docs replacement is a must. Great though it is — researchers need greater privacy and real-time collaboration is the future. 🚀

Nice to also see on the list.

Microsoft is shutting down their DRM-locked ebook store, and taking away every book that every one of its customers acquired effective July 1. DRM ebooks are never safe! Learn more about our fight against #DRM:
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