Although I wasn't able to go, it's nice to see that our local climate strike demonstration was well attended.

As a follow-up to my post about my igor bot framework for Elixir, I've split of the core of it into a more general Matrix client library (, and also created a library of Matrix functions (

We have an AMA on /r/privacy happening right now for all your privacy related questions - head over to and get involved :)

Synapse release candidate for you! 1.4.0rc1 is a whopper and contains a huge body of work to improve data privacy. Check it out if you would like to help us test, but check the upgrade notes first.

We have an AMA coming up on /r/privacy on Friday 16:30 UK (GMT+1) to discuss all things Matrix - particularly the conclusions to all the privacy work outlined in Thanks to the mods for the invite! Be there or be 🔲.

GSoC report 3 of 4 is available! Thank you Alexey Andreyev, who has been making end-to-end encryption available in Qt-based clients via libQuotient - read his report: #gsoc #e2ee #encryption #matrix

Yesterday, our #housing #co-operative celebrated paying off our mortgage.

NEWS: The "FreedomBox for Communities" e-book has been published to Wikibooks!

This e-book teaches readers how to build a community-wide implementation of #FreedomBox. It was written by the same people who installed FreedomBoxes in rural India.



We're gearing up to implement all new UX for E2E encryption, including cross-signing (yay!!!), trust-on-first-use, E2E search, and then at last E2E-by-default! We're also making the leap to for our UI/UX work, which is proving incredibly fun :D Here's a sneak peek...


Happy Friday? It definitely is! Check out This Week in Matrix, it's got all the latest news about #matrix and #decentralisation, and features a great video chat about progress and plans for bridging with Slack, IRC and more PLUS new server ranking table!

How was your week? This Week in Matrix we're celebrating being included in Mozilla's shortlist of IM systems, looking forward to improved Slack bridging (1.0 incoming!) and MORE! Go read:

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