Get the latest news from This Week in Matrix! Lots of new demos in Matrix Live, and a newly annouced client which already supports end-to-end encryption (also news about servers, bots, bridges, clients and more!) #twim #decentralization #matrix


Successfully using entirely self-hosted+federated Riot/Matrix/Jitsi/Etherpad/PeerTube to host lectures, teleconference with students, answer questions in chat, and collaboratively edit their code. Write-up is incoming. Once I take a nap.

screenshot of riot, which is a slack-like thing, with a webcam of me in the corner and an etherpad showing some code in a direct message section with a student
...and you'll make a presentation at an upcoming @KWLUG meeting, right? On the very platform you're presenting about!
oh, hang on. That was a ReTweet from But you're still invited to make that presentation!

I am currently writing a list of good #FreeSoftware solutions for #remote #working in the @fsfe wiki:

I still need to polish the wording but if you already have input for me about what is missing, more sources or any other feedback is very welcome.

Just focus please on software that in particular facilitates remote working not any other usual work-procedures.

Via @EFF: Imagine an Internet where the law required every message sent to be read by government-approved scanning software, no encryption allowed. This is the horrifying goal of the "EARN IT" bill:


Feels like a good time to work for a company that has a fully #remote policy available and that produces team #collaboration tools that enable for example more efficient remote #work.

Lack good tooling? Check out (powered by #Matrix) which comes with #Jitsi powered video #conferencing. And it's all #federated, so you can collaborate with any team using the #Matrix protocol, and beyond with the help of bridges to #Slack and such!

Ps. 20% off for educational institutions for remote schooling, contact for info.

Our servers are under considerable load as more people are working remotely. Everything is holding up and we plan to spend our next few days ensuring that we can continue to scale. In the meantime we appreciate your patience if we're slow to answer support tickets or issues.

The server is seeing its highest traffic levels ever today. Weโ€™re battling to keep it performant (via incr optimisations to state res and the multimaster support), but meanwhile you may want to run your own server or get one from, etc.

#remotelearning #remoteschool #education #coronavirus #covid19

Here are some Open Source tools that can help with remote work:

- (and or any other compatible client): chat, instant messaging (full disclosure: I work on as my full-time job)
- @CryptPad: collaborative real-time document editing, kanban boards, spread sheets, and more
- video conferencing
- discussion and decision making

Remote schooling: Health safety measures shouldnโ€™t put our kidsโ€™ privacy at risk.


#covid19 #coronavirus #education #remoteschool #opensource #privacy

It seems a lot of people are finding out about now that their team has transitioned to remote work. Coincidentally, we've been working on a major upgrade to our encrypted kanban app featuring a markdown editor and tagging system for all your tasks. #WFH

U.S. citizens, tell your representatives to reject the EARN IT Act.

Filed under "stupid mistakes that made me waste a lot of time debugging": setInterval is not the same as setTimeout.

Hey all, we've got a small budget for @moodlenet security/privacy consulting. Would appreciate pointers to anyone with the chops (including #ActivityPub experience) who might be able to help audit our repos in the next few weeks/months ๐Ÿ™‚

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