Last night I released the first version of buildbot-matrix, a plugin for builtbot which adds the ability to send build notifications to a @matrix room.

It's great to see people turning to decentralized and self-hosted communication tools at a time when they are more important than ever!

#Prosody installations have doubled since mid-March. We suspect a lot of these are #Jitsi setups, partly fuelled by increasing discomfort with a lack of privacy in centralized commercial services.

Data is from the Debian popcon service, so only represents a small part of the picture (Debian systems that have opted into reporting their package installation and usage data).
Graph of Prosody package installations on all Debian systems that submit their package data to popcon. Installations doubled between mid-March and mid-April.


Hi all - we've released a fourth release candidate for Riot 1.6 at, incorporating lots of feedback and bug reports from last week's RCs. The more you help test cross-signing & E2EE search (via the sooner we'll be able to ship! :D


A great example of compassion in the midst of crisis.

If you're preparing to run an online event, consider using open source tools to run it! Read our guide to running online events now #opensource #decentralization #onlineevents

This Week in Matrix is now available! All the news on homeservers, cross-signing (OMG SO CLOSE), new terminal client, Doctor Who shenanigans, learn about how state resolution works and MORE! #matrix #twim #stateresolution

I started working on cross-signing in with the initial spec proposal submitted in September 2018. Over a year and a half later, it's nearly ready to go live in We had a video-conferenced key-signing party today at work, which involved us yelling emoji over each other. It's nice to have people stress-testing something that you've worked on for so long, and have it hold up. reshared this.


ATTENTION TESTERS! We're in the final phase of E2EE-by-default in Riot 1.6 & just cut our 2nd release candidate! Please help test cross-signing @ + RiotX and test E2EE search in Desktop Nightly Thanks!β²πŸ’£πŸŽ‰


Looking forward to trying Jitsi's improved Firefox support.

Lots of new homeserver development happening atm - between Dendrite having implemented V2 state res, Conduit rising from Ruma's ashes, and Maelstrom forming too! So no better time to publish a new guide for understanding V2 state res from

Excellent news - we’ll be hooking this into Matrix’s E2EE as soon as it’s ready, giving full E2EE video conferences at last!!


Straight from the Jitsi kitchen, end-to-end encrypted meetings coming soon:


Brand new virtual meetup event next week!
Open Tech Will Save Us is a livestreamed event with speakers from Jitsi, IPFS and Matrix.

We'll cover the importance of preserving privacy and ways to keep your communications under control. Read more at

@gnome and KDE deepen their commitment to work together and unveil KNOME, a new desktop that brings users the best of both worlds:
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