New Spec release this week! These releases include SSO support, new token expiration, new room alias management, and a bunch of server-side changes/clarifications. Read more detail

Two years ago, I started working on full-time. I'm happy to be part of a great team at New Vector, and also part of a fantastic open-source community. mastodon (AP)
aww β™₯️
Coffee mastodon (AP)
Happy anniversary!


Finally. The first decentralized collaboration platform for the healthcare industry has arrived. Decentralized, encrypted, open source and based on Let's get started to enable meaningful communication between patients and doctors.


New blog post! It's a quick overview over the different keys involved in #matrix 's new cross signing.

Come and read This Week in Matrix! New editions of Dendrite, Mirage, FluffyChat and more... PLUS a great Matrix Live with - learn more about the Automattic investment!

We’re incredibly excited to welcome, creators of, to the Matrix ecosystem with a strategic investment of ~M into to support Matrix development and embrace decentralisation! Read all about it at πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸ˜±πŸš€

We have resolved our patent case with Rothschild Patent Imaging. We thank our pro-bono counsel - Shearman & Sterling LLP for representing us.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource

If you weren't able to join us live for Open Tech Will Save Us #2, remember you can still watch the stream recording - catch up with Mike Hoye, Eugen from Mastodon and a cracking Dendrite demo (it's working well!) #matrix #otwsu


Very much looking forward to this Wednesday, when we'll host the second Open Tech Will Save Us event! @Gargron - creator of Mastodon! - will join us for a Q&A about scaling, while @mhoye from Mozilla will present about "Verbs in the fediverse". Plus, more to be announced!


Riot Web/Desktop 1.6 + RiotX Android 0.19 + Riot iOS 0.11 IS HERE!!! E2E Encryption by default, Cross-signing & QR-codes for Device Verification, All New E2EE UI/UX + SO MUCH MORE making this our biggest release EVER! E2E will never be the same again πŸŽ‰πŸš€πŸΎ


Terrific news: .org has been saved! ICANN’s leadership rejected the sale of Public Interest Registry (PIR) and the .Org top-level domain. See the latest news:
Strypey mastodon (AP)
that's terrific news :)

Huge updates this week in This Week in Matrix! Dendrite supports v5 rooms! Rust homeserver progress! SEVEN clients with news, including e2ee support in gomuks and a big Pattle update! #twim #matrix #decentralized
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