I make three appearances in the latest "This Week in ": in the demos video, for Polyjuice Client (my Matrix client library for #Elixir ), and for Igor (my Matrix bot framework for #Elixir )
Pavithran S diaspora
Congrats, its community people like you who help us live the free software dream.

I've made a new release of Polyjuice Client, my client library for #Elixir. This release includes some breaking changes from previous releases, as well as various improvements. See the release notes ( for details.

Reactions in FluffyChat are coming 😊

Element secure messenger review | TechRadar

Element is a genuinely interesting and appealing secure messaging platform that will appeal to individual users and businesses alike. It's reliable, it comes with just about all the features that you're likely to need, it's simple to set up, and it has some of the best security and privacy features in the business – if you want to escape the clutches of the big tech giants, this is well worth a look.

#opensource #teamtools #collaboration #element #security #privacy #encryption

Back home after a week of camping at Sauble Falls Provincial Park.

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