Ordered a Pine64 RockPro64 to replace our aging home server. Looking forward to playing with it.
My order has been shipped. No idea how long it will take to cross the ocean and half the continent to get here.
It has made it across the ocean. So hopefully it will be in my hands some time next week.
My new toy just came in. Just in time for my guess of "some time next week" to be correct. One box was a bit banged up, but the boxes inside seem fine.


Wow I did not know how many (German) universities are already using for their probably hundreds of thousands of students and staff.

#federation #interoperability #privacy


Better than WhatsApp: Try these Free Software Apps and Services — Free Software Foundation India

#WhatsApp #Telegram #Signal #matrix #xmpp #p2p #element #quicksy #FreeSoftware

Thanks to Riya for making the info graphics.

It's not "late", maybe you're early! This Week in Matrix is out now, featuring SO MUCH NEWS about Matrix, plus a Matrix Live chat with the Matrix instance contollers at #twim #matrix #decentralisataion

Happy belated 10th birthday, #Elixir!


The just launched a public #EUFOSSA #BugBounty program for on
Pays up to €5,000. Check it out! 👇


Didn't expect to open Hacker News and see the Prosody blog post on the front page 🙂

I really hope that the growing attention to the practices of big tech will push more people to discover #XMPP and other decentralized alternatives to those large platforms.

<sigh> has decided to start blocking my emails again for no reason.
Timo mastodon (AP)
I hope Matrix will not end like this

I'm looking for Free Software success stories in 2020, especially in the education area. Do you know schools which started to organize their home schooling efforts with Free Software during the pandemic? Please share it here: #Education #fsfe #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

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