My new RockPro64 is now attached to a pair of hard drives. Setup went pretty smoothly, aside from that fact that I couldn't get the official Debian image to work, and ended up switching to Armbian. But copying ~2TB of data from my old NAS is going to take a little while...

Want all the gory details of how we hosted the world's largest free/open source conference # via Matrix? We just posted the full writeup at Huge thanks to for putting their faith in Matrix & to everyone who helped make it a success! 🎉❄️🎆

Here is a reminder that your service provider's employees all have access to your data, and may not have your best interests at heart. This is one reason why we need end-to-end encryption.

Just one hour to go! We're back with a great lineup this Wednesday! Hear, project lead, discuss Linux on the Desktop, presents, PLUS learn about how Matrix powered #/#21!

If you weren't among the 33,600 people 😮 at online # this weekend, be advised: 100% # for online conferences is production ready *today*. Say NO to any Zoom (or other proprietary software) online events from now on. Demand software freedom!

It's BACK! After a hiatus in January, we're back with a great lineup this Wednesday! Hear from discuss Linux on the Desktop (what else!?), presents, PLUS learn about how Matrix powered #/#21!

Today I gave # (0.8.1) another try (on # edge running on the #), and with two little tweaks in the apps settings (Touchscreen mode on and Show buttons in timeline off) it's the best # client I ever used on #.
# #
Nheko before tweaks
Nheko after tweaks

The Matrix stand is up at ! Come join us and have a chat! Almost as good as the Matrix corridor # # cc

Learn more about Neochat, KDE's Matrix chat client created by Carl Schwan and Tobias Fella. Join Carl Schwan in 30 minutes at our FOSDEM booth for a live demo:
You can chat with other participants at KDE’s booth through the Matrix live chat:

Small # promo I made for #. See you at the # stand! (And watch the last second of the video before criticizing it ;p)

Hey, I want to share something with you: Today my parents (70 and 65 years old) installed # on their iPhones for the first time. They have never used Matrix before but they were able to register an account on and start a chat with me by entering my mxid with no advice! My mother said it was easy like in Telegram. 😍
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