Not all end-to-end encrypted messaging is completely private.

One good way to ensure that you can trust your end-to-end encryption is to use an open protocol that allows you to use whatever client you want, which means that the system isn't controlled by just one entity.

Personal (5-user) hosted #Matrix homeservers are finally available.
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service has been great! Well worth the $10 if matrix is your thing.

Well done, Tim. (for reference, the source for Tim's bot is at

Anyone who uses OpenPGP keyservers, take note.
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A video demonstration of the upcoming cross-signing feature of Matrix
1c8a0262-dee9-4927-b9e9-9856a7f4d8bf.jpg PeerTube: Matrix cross-signing demo (Main uhoreg channel)

New blog post about emoji-based key verification (a.k.a. SAS verification) in Matrix.
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