Ethical issues are something that I consider when looking for a job. I'm happy that I'm currently working on, an open communications protocol that allows people to control their own data, rather than relying on corporations that will sell it to others.

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# needs more stories like this! Great 👌

If anyone has been reading mailing lists through, you'll need to change your news reader to point to instead now.
Coffee reshared this. have announced they are now providing a Matrix homeserver for the Dutch market! Register at and join in. #

This Week in Matrix is out now get the latest news from #, the # platform. This week Matrix Live is a series of chats to get project news from lots of people! #

It’s the first This Week In Matrix of the year! Find out about Dendrite revival, FOSDEM preparations in Matrix Live, and lots of bridge fun:

The most important emoji set comparison of the decade so far.
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Over the last few days we've had constant requests to respond to @[email protected]'s 'The ecosystem is moving' blog post & recent 36c3 talk - we've tried to articulate Matrix's viewpoint over at

Be my colleague!

Looking for ops (French), design, backend and mobile!

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The 2019 Matrix Holiday Special is here!! Our very own festive attempt to review everything that happened in 2019 while looking forward into the mists of 2020. Thanks all supporting Matrix through a crazy year - here’s to the next decade!

It's cool to see mentioned in different publications in various languages.

This Week In Matrix is here - featuring Mozilla, a Glimpse of the Matrix, 'cortex' Rust workers for Synapse, and hints of the E2EE frenzy happening in Riotland...


Synchronous Messaging at Mozilla: The Decision - Mozilla

Wooooo! 😍 Super excited that #Mozilla chose to go with #Matrix for their #IRC replacement.
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I've pushed a lot of rocks up a lot of hills, and every now and then one of them goes over.

Really excited that Mozilla has selected Matrix, @[email protected] and @[email protected] as the successor to IRC for all their community chat needs! The future will be open - both open source, open open standard and open web :D

Horrifying: the injustice here starts with the nonfree software you're required to use with the ironically named "Freestyle Libre" glucose monitor, and leads to the conclusion that Abbott Labs legally owns what amounts to actual parts of your body:
Abbott Labs kills free tool that lets you own the blood-sugar data from your glucose monitor, saying it violates copyright law

Breaking encryption puts everyone at risk.

"Even the Defense Department is now pointing out that the government’s quest to weaken encryption lies somewhere between counterproductive and downright harmful."

This Week in Matrix contains the latest news on all Matrix projects! Learn about the latest bridging developments, the spec, Cross-signing and MORE #decentralisation #twim #alreadydecentralised
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