It's not "late", maybe you're early! This Week in Matrix is out now, featuring SO MUCH NEWS about Matrix, plus a Matrix Live chat with the Matrix instance contollers at # # #

Happy belated 10th birthday, #!


The just launched a public # # program for on
Pays up to €5,000. Check it out! 👇


Didn't expect to open Hacker News and see the Prosody blog post on the front page 🙂

I really hope that the growing attention to the practices of big tech will push more people to discover # and other decentralized alternatives to those large platforms.

<sigh> has decided to start blocking my emails again for no reason.
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I hope Matrix will not end like this

I'm looking for Free Software success stories in 2020, especially in the education area. Do you know schools which started to organize their home schooling efforts with Free Software during the pandemic? Please share it here: # # # #

Automattic has a pretty cool job going for work on integrating WordPress with matrix. They're looking for someone capable of working on multiple programming languages, especially PHP and JavaScript.

# # #
# # #

The 2020 Matrix Holiday Special is here!! Looking back on 2020, looking forward to 2021 with some mad ranting about how amazing Spaces are going to be :D Thanks to all for using and supporting Matrix throughout this nightmare year - happy holidays!! 🎅🎄🎉

More Xmas presents from KDE: Say hello to NeoChat, the new instant messaging app for the Matrix network. Find out how it works on mobile and desktops, learn about its cool features and how you can contribute to its success in the launch announcement.

This Week in Matrix 2020-12-18 |

Amazing demo of Spaces in this episode! This is going to be huge for # and managing a # ... space. Also, first # messages over #!

Big news in cryptography! Sequoia PGP v1.0 has been released. This is an alternative implementation of OpenPGP (Pretty Good Privacy) standard, as compared to GnuPG. Besides being written in #, it takes a library-first approach.

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This looks promising

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EMS brings more interoperability to messaging

Bridge all the things!

# #

"End-to-End-Encryption" with Backdoors
# #

Today we celebrate #

Passed exactly 72 years ago, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights memorializes the basic notion that fundamental freedoms, including privacy, expression, and access to information, are essential for people all over the world.

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FluffyChat 0.23.0 is out now with password recovery options and a lot of minor fixes and UX improvements. Now also available on Flathub!! 🙂 Learn more at:

There is a new feature in NeoChat, the # @matrix client. Now you can directly reply or add reactions to a message from a menu that appears on hover. #
Screenshot of Neochat showing 2 buttons on hovering over a message.

Any # developers interested in taking up this challenge?

Build # 1.x with # 7.x

Yarn 2.x already moved to babel 7.x but there is no stable release for yarn 2.x and it is completely different from yarn 1.x.

This will help us ship yarn in # (we already moved everything else to babel 7.x but could not port this yet) for next stable release bullseye.

It would be useful to nodejs developers to make initial installation of yarn easy.

According to the FTC, Zoom lied to users about end-to-end encryption for years. This is one of the obvious perils of nonfree software: you can't verify that the software isn't abusing you, you just have to take their word.
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Proprietary software is the perfect foil for various computer crimes.

Let's give a shoutout to the ftp-master team for crushing it on the NEW queue

I'll be giving a talk on end-to-end encyrption at today's Open Tech Will Save Us virtual meetup. The meetup starts in just over 3 hours from now, at 1 PM EST.

Did we mention backdoors are a terrible idea?


NSA: We've learned our lesson after foreign spies used one of our crypto backdoors – but we can't say how exactly


The EU Council is pushing for encryption backdoors to messenger apps such as WhatsApp and Signal to fight terrorism (German article):

Despite the fact that errors of investigation in Austrian authorities had made the attack possible in the first place and not a lack of digital surveillance powers. Politicians must start to understand that more surveillance will not lead to more security. That's why we fight any attempt for an encryption backdoor:

Open Tech Will Save Us #8 will take place on Wednesday! Hear from on misinformation, CHATONS (initiated by Framasoft), and our own uhoreg on the state of # in Matrix (it's pretty good!)

I'll be giving an introductory talk on end-to-end encryption at the next Open Tech Will Save Us meetup on Wednesday at 1:00pm EST.


This is very interesting to me. Very curious about Matrix and would love to see this move into making a server. # # #


Thanks to @debian 's €10,000 donation (and not ,000 as announced a few hours ago), we've just reached the 4th step of our PeerTube fundraising. Many thanks to all those who donated. And it's not too late to contribute :

Thanks to @debian for their ,000 contribution to the # to # v3! <3<3<3

With this great recognition from the Debian Project, the €60,000 to fund live in PeerTube are almost reached. To contribute:

Last Sunday the UK/US/CA/AU/NZ/IN/JP govts issued a statement asking tech companies to add backdoors into E2E encryption. This is a big deal: unfortunately *backdoors do not work*. Read about our alternative: combating abuse via decentralised reputation.🔒

After a rather twisty journey we are overexcited to declare that Dendrite (the next-gen Golang homeserver from the core Matrix team) has officially entered beta!! 🎉 Don't trust it with your data yet, but please spin up an instance & help us hunt the bugs!

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It seems to me that anyone who gets too many of their PRs marked as "invalid" or "spam" should be automatically disqualified from Hacktoberfest.
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