May the 4th be with you. I got my first dose of the AZ vaccine yesterday, which means that my body is now building a Death Star and trying to figure out how to blow it up.
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isn't AZ more like pre-built replica of Death Star? :) (Not an mRNA vaccine)
My understanding (based on ) is that AZ is DNA-based rather than mRNA based, but it's still the same underlying principle in that it contains the blueprints for your body to create the spike protein.

HedgeDoc 🦔 mastodon (AP)
Happen to have a gold feel for User Experience? Might even studied something as fancy as UX design? We are looking for you or at least your kind then! If you don't mind to spend a little bit of your free time with our frontend team and help HedgeDoc to become as easy to use as possible, let us know! /sh

And if you don't think you fit, you can still help us to find someone by boosting this toot ❤🦔

#HedgeDoc #UX #UI #community
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vurpo mastodon (AP)
owo what's this
FluffyChat running on a Pinephone
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Krille Fear mastodon (AP)
#fluffychat 0.30.0 has been released today 🎉🎉🎉 with a big refactoring under the hood, a lot of bug fixes, better room alias management, minor design improvements, Linux desktop notifications aaaaaaaand Linux arm64 support. 🐧

In theory it should run on #pinephone or #librem5 but I have no device to test it. Anyone here who wants to try and send me screenshots? 🙂
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It's working for me on the PP with Manjaro phosh, installed via flathub. I can connect to my own homeserver without problems and send/read encrypted messages!

Awesome work!
Baggypants mastodon (AP)
Flatpak works fab on my pinephone running Fedora. Really well done! mastodon (AP)
RT And the best thing: The federation across different institutions really works. I can still participate in project related chats with my former team while seamlessly supporting lectures at All out of one tool, one login.

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On the open network, the possibilities for academia are endless; read our blog how education can become more accessible, inclusive and open for everyone! 📚

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Trying to get a vaccine here is frustrating, with at least three different streams that you can go through to get vaccinated, one of which I only found out about from Reddit. But I managed to book a vaccination for next Monday. I'll consider it an early birthday present.
First vaccination done, and second vaccination appointment booked. mastodon (AP)

NeoChat can now handle URLs. Then clicking on them, your browser will ask you if you want to open them in NeoChat. Thanks to for designing the URLs scheme and adding the library support to libQuotient.

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We all want a secure and trustworthy Internet. In ‘A Digital Dystopia’, from explains why stopping calls for #encryption backdoors is critical to keeping the world safe online. 🔒

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DeepBlue V7.X mastodon (AP)
*Rolls the social media drum*

Check out our new release of Nheko, version 0.8.2:

It has edits, better notifications, screen sharing (X11 only), rainbow messages, a privacy screen and much, much more, especially bug fixes! Give it a try and if you run into issues, tell us on or on our bugtracker:

Have a nice day!

#nheko #matrix
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DeepBlue V7.X mastodon (AP)
Someone told me that, yes, yes, you should! <3

Ugh. Our Premier "apologizes" for the latest round restrictions and says that he "moved too fast". No, the problem is that you moved too slowly (there were warnings weeks ago that stronger measures needed to be implemented), and that you didn't listen to your science advisors about what measures to implement and implemented the wrong measures. mastodon (AP)

The matrix: URI scheme (designed by yours truly, with plenty of help from the community) is now "safelisted" by WHATWG: - looking forward to , allowing web applications to register as matrix: URI handlers!

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Michael mastodon (AP)
ELI5, will this remove the need for links? I'll be able to place a link on a page that will directly open the "default" matrix client? Eg Element or Nheko or Neochat?

The Ontario government's plan for controlling the spread of Covid-19 includes giving police the authority to stop people who are outside and get their address, which even the police departments say they don't want, but you just know that it will be used by some police officers in questionable ways.

But their plan does not include making sure that essential workers have paid sick days, even though their science advisory team asked for it, and workplaces are one of the biggest causes of spread. mastodon (AP)
Open Tech Will Save Us #12 will be live 24 hours from NOW! Watch and friends presenting online crisis support tool using Matrix, Will Bamberg on the Open Web Docs project, and Bruno Windels developer of the Hydrogen Matrix client!
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It's time, again, to read This Week in Matrix! Hear from Cactus Comments creator on Matrix Live, see what's new with bridges, SDKs, clients, servers, tooling, PLUS more, interesting #Matrix and #decentralisation-related topics #twim
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mastodon (AP)
Guess who's in this weeks episode of #Matrix Live! 🌵
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It's Open Tech Will Save Us #12, live NEXT WEDNESDAY (14th) at 5pm UTC! Watch and friends presenting online crisis support tool using Matrix, Will Bamberg on the Open Web Docs project, and Bruno Windels developer of the Hydrogen Matrix client!
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This week's XMPP Office Hours presentation is "Cryptographic Identity: Conquering the Fingerprint Chaos" by Paul Schaub (@vanitasvitae) on Tuesday, 6 April 16:00 UTC
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Super cool to see Olm/Megolm being used outside the Matrix ecosystem for end-to-end encrypted document collaboration!


🎉 I'm really excited to announce Serenity Notes 🥳

It's an end-to-end encrypted collaborative notes app allowing you to compose private & shared notes.

Think of a simple Google Docs, but end-to-end encrypted and offline-first.


If Microsoft buys Discord, they'll have bought all the conversations that happened in Discord.

Our Tobias Fella spoke with @linuxnews_de about what's next for NeoChat.

You can read the interview (in German) here:
Screenshot of NeoChat

It's today and Carrot is ready! 😺
In few hours, my demo for the Matrix Foundation will start.
Wednesday 2021-03-10 6pm UTC, (19h00 in Paris; 6pm London; 1pm in New York; 10am in L.A.)
All info:
@matrix #krita

Have a great #InternationalWomensDay all the women out there <3

Maybe some day society has evolved far enough that we wont need this yearly reminder that, yes, gender equality should absolutely be a thing. And that even if someone doesn't have the same equipment than you between their feet, you should still treat them with respect.


I'll do a painting demo live for the Matrix Foundation, don't miss it!
On Wednesday 2021-03-10 6pm UTC (7pm in Berlin; 6pm in the UK; 1pm in New York; 10am in California)
All info:
#krita @matrix

Open Tech Will Save Us returns Wednesday for Art&Design edition! presents his open source art and show us how it's done, tells us about his design work at, plus Gaelle from on her recent VoIP UX improvements!

Interesting article about how racism hurts white people too.

Announcing my latest open source project, in collaboration with @carl

🌵 Cactus Comments - Federated web comments, based on the Matrix protocol.



Hello, Cactus Comments! 👋🌵 - Cactus Comments

Step aside #Disqus, #Matrix powered website embedded comments are coming 🤩


My new RockPro64 is now attached to a pair of hard drives. Setup went pretty smoothly, aside from that fact that I couldn't get the official Debian image to work, and ended up switching to Armbian. But copying ~2TB of data from my old NAS is going to take a little while...

Want all the gory details of how we hosted the world's largest free/open source conference #FOSDEM21 via Matrix? We just posted the full writeup at Huge thanks to for putting their faith in Matrix & to everyone who helped make it a success! 🎉❄️🎆

Here is a reminder that your service provider's employees all have access to your data, and may not have your best interests at heart. This is one reason why we need end-to-end encryption.

Just one hour to go! We're back with a great lineup this Wednesday! Hear, project lead, discuss Linux on the Desktop, presents, PLUS learn about how Matrix powered #fosdem/#fosdem21!

If you weren't among the 33,600 people 😮 at online #FOSDEM this weekend, be advised: 100% #FOSS for online conferences is production ready *today*. Say NO to any Zoom (or other proprietary software) online events from now on. Demand software freedom!

It's BACK! After a hiatus in January, we're back with a great lineup this Wednesday! Hear from discuss Linux on the Desktop (what else!?), presents, PLUS learn about how Matrix powered #fosdem/#fosdem21!

Today I gave #Nheko (0.8.1) another try (on #postmarketOS edge running on the #Librem5), and with two little tweaks in the apps settings (Touchscreen mode on and Show buttons in timeline off) it's the best #matrix client I ever used on #LinuxPhones.
#PinePhone #LINMOBapps
Nheko before tweaks
Nheko after tweaks

The Matrix stand is up at ! Come join us and have a chat! Almost as good as the Matrix corridor #FOSDEM #FOSDEM2021 cc

Learn more about Neochat, KDE's Matrix chat client created by Carl Schwan and Tobias Fella. Join Carl Schwan in 30 minutes at our FOSDEM booth for a live demo:
You can chat with other participants at KDE’s booth through the Matrix live chat:

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