It's always nice to hear stories about people helping out those in need.

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Happy 9th Birthday Friendica!

Festive Flaxy O’Hare by @lightone
9 years ago, on July 1st 2010, Mike MacGirvin committed his initial work on what would become Friendica.

Since it has gone through many changes, PHP version, maintainers, name even, but it is still alive and kicking and ready for its tenth years running.

Thanks to everyone who has donated or still donate their time to make Friendica and especially to make Friendica available by running public nodes.

Here’s to another great year for Friendica!

FSF's John Sullivan in @WIRED on the Microsoft ebook apocalypse: “This is why we call #DRM media and devices defective by design, or broken from the beginning. There’s self-destruction built into the whole concept.”

Anyone who uses OpenPGP keyservers, take note.
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A video demonstration of the upcoming cross-signing feature of Matrix

PeerTube: Matrix cross-signing demo (uhoreg)

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Matrix version 1.0 has been released! We think Matrix is already so good that you could host it on a home server and use it to replace Whatsapp.

We even made a video tutorial!

📺 VIDEO: "FreedomBox Tutorial: Setting Up a Chat Server with Matrix and Riot"

Matrix 1.0, Synapse 1.0 and the Matrix Foundation

We are very excited to announce the first fully stable release of the #Matrix protocol and specification across all APIs - as well as the Synapse 1.0 reference implementation which implements the full Matrix 1.0 API surface.

This means that after just over 5 years since the initial work on Matrix began, we are proud to have finally exited beta!! This is the conclusion of the work which we announced at FOSDEM 2019 when we cut the first stable release of the Server-Server API and began the Synapse 0.99 release series in anticipation of releasing a 1.0.


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Diabetics are lining up to buy old insulin pumps that enable them to better manage their blood sugar via #OpenAPS. The software in personal medical devices must be free, so that modification like this does not depend on use of bugs:

In other news, tomorrow we'll be heading to the New Hamburg Mennonite Relief Sale, although the weather forecast is calling for lots of rain. Hopefully we won't get too wet, but we'll be prepared.

Matrix 1.0 (and Synapse 1.0) are coming soon. Homeserver admins, please upgrade to the latest version of Synapse, and make sure you have valid TLS certificates, or you may be unable to federate.

I'm *really* not happy about the #Github #Sponsors project (
It'll bind a lot of open source project much more strongly to github's closed, proprietary ecosystem if that's where they have any chance of getting some money.

It's so hypocritical that soo many #FOSS projects are hosted on a non-free platform. With #Gitlab there's even a superior just as easy to use alternative there.

And most people are celebrating this move by github 😢.

New blog post about emoji-based key verification (a.k.a. SAS verification) in Matrix.
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Looking forward to Waterloo region's LRT finally launching.
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