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The 2022 Matrix Holiday Update is here - looking back on all the news from the Matrix core team in 2022, both good & bad, and hoping for a better 2023. Happy holidays, and thanks for flying Matrix. ☃️

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thanks for honest update. For financial struggles I'd suggest foundation to focus on core chat functionality and spec. Leave the rest for third parties or later time when funding is no longer an issue.

Users are struggling with basic issues such as stuck notifications and E2EE failing for unknown reasons. New features are nice, but basic chat should be rock solid first.

But thanks for the year and I hope we hit 200M users next year :-)
Regarding E2EE failures, we at Element are doing a couple of things. First of all, we've ensured that we set aside some time to investigate E2EE failures, to determine whether failures that we see are expected, or to fix failures, or to improve our logging so that we are better able to investigate failures. Secondly, we're working on porting all the clients to use the Rust crypto SDK, which means things will be implemented more consistently across clients, and if we find a bug, then it's likely that we'd only need to fix the bug in one place (the Rust SDK), rather than in three different implementations.
@hubert The Rust SDK will surely improve quality. But I'm worried about situation today. There are way too many cases of "i can't see your messages and don't understand why".
Yes, for sure. As I mentioned, we are trying to dedicate some time to tracking down those bugs. We're trying to find the right balance between tracking down bugs, and switching implementations (and working on next-generation encryption, which should be faster and hopefully more reliable).
I think some of the things you've been yelled at about by the security community are overwrought but that section on the crypto research reads petulant to me.

As always, glad to see progress on Matrix.
@hoyden it really wasn’t meant to be petulant - just explaining how we got caught in a horrible place between rewriting the crypto and then getting stuck fixing bugs in the old crypto. will edit it to spell out that we’re grateful to the researchers (although i’m curious on what came across as petulant).
@hoyden does clarify sufficiently?
I think this works great!

In fact, on a reread, I think the petulant vibe I read was mostly based on the frustration evident in the text. The clarification handles it very well.

I appreciate you guys editing so fast to make. sure matrix comes across well ✨✨
glad to see that matrix is getting further adoption! the "tragedy of the commons" has a bit of a loaded history. it may be in your interest to avoid it and find more fitting figures of speech instead. i hope you have success in finding a more sustainable development model.
good to see serious adoption from EU countries
reading this was so nice.

I'm sad to learn Neil left, I hope the project won't suffer.

About location sharing: have you considered about the privacy issue of downloading tiles? This might disclose your location. I know there was a messenger that planned using #peermaps to mitigate that.

For the funding we are doing our part (with @copiepublique) but have you considered a progress bar? If crowdfunding platform use this pattern, it may work (gamification?)
@lutindiscret@copiepublique yup, we need to sort out a progress bar - and thanks :) for location share privacy; your client can use whatever maptile server it likes (optionally using one recommended by your server).
there is another topic that is missing IMO.

Where is the "matrix dmoz"? I think matrix has a discoverability problem. I'm doing my part, creating themed spaces but where can one find a searchable list of (big) spaces? For newcomers, Matrix looks empty 😔
thanks for sharing this Notification about the new Entry in your Blog. 👍

People shouldn't forget to Support the Developers of #MatrixProtocol with Donations to Future proof there Work. 😉