The first release of PGP was 32 years ago today! Wow! #HappyBirthday #pgp
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And still can't get normies to use it
Neal Walfield mastodon (AP)
@whitey True, but there are more than just normies (although I haven't given up on them). There's sophisticated users like activists, journalists (, medical researchers (, package signing (, commit signing (

uhoreg peertube (AP)

MLS Element demo - external commits

Demo of proof-of-concept decentralised MLS in Element. This demo shows external commits, which allow a user to add themselves to a group so that they can send a message and receive new messages.
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Craig S. Kaplan mastodon (AP)
When David Smith, Joseph Myers (@jsm28), Chaim Goodman-Strauss and I posted our paper "An aperiodic monotile" ( back in March, we answered the open problem of whether a single shape could tile the plane aperiodically.

Some people observed that tilings by the "hat" used both unreflected and reflected tiles. Although the einstein problem was answered, in some contexts (e.g., tile floors), you'd likely have to manufacture two separate tiles. Our paper left open the question of whether a shape could tile aperiodically using translations and rotations only, with no reflections.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but then, on March 26th, Dave noticed something interesting. (1/n)
A tiling of the plane by the "hat" aperiodic monotile.
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Craig S. Kaplan mastodon (AP)
Does that matter? Hang on, there's one more step! Because Tile(1,1) is equilateral, and because we're not using reflections, it's easy to modify its edges to *force* it to tile without reflections.

These shapes, which we call "Spectres", are "strict chiral aperiodic monotiles": shapes that are forced to tile aperiodically, and can't use reflections! If you objected to the hat because of its reflections, this is the shape for you. (6/n)
A patch of modified spectres, which tile aperiodically without ever using reflections.
Craig S. Kaplan mastodon (AP)
Yuck, my thread broke apart. For completeness, the remaining posts are here:


Also, I neglected to include @Chaimgoodmanstrauss in my original post. Sorry!

Our new paper, "A chiral aperiodic monotile", is now available on arXiv: There's also a page with more information, including an interactive web-based visualization at I'll probably post more information about this work in bits and pieces, I can't help myself 😀

9/9 fin
A visualization of five generations of patches of Spectre tiles.

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Curt Olson mastodon (AP)
When the joke isn't worth the time someone put into making it, yet here I am sharing it, so maybe it was ...
polar vs. cartesian bear
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Hubert Chathi friendica
Alberta, vote today! How is it that the UCP is polling ahead of the NDP? I know that Alberta likes their conservative governments, but with the things that Smith has said and done, the UCP shouldn't be polling so high. Get out and vote. It doesn't matter if you're in a "safe Blue", or a "safe Orange" riding. Vote!
I have to laugh and shake my head at Smith calling it a "Miracle on the Praries". No, you were leading in the polls pretty much the whole time. You're in a strongly conservative province. I mean, if you're saying that it's a miracle that the majority of Albertans chose to ignore your terribleness, then yes, sure. But people voting the same way the polls said they would isn't a miracle. If the UCP ran with a saner leader, they probably would have won by a lot more.
Bob Jonkman gnusocial
I'd be more inclined to say "people voting the way the polls said they should..."

Gajim mastodon (AP)
Gajim 1.8.0 has been released 🥳 and it comes with integrated OMEMO encryption! Integrating the OMEMO plugin brings tighter integration and better user experience.

We also rearranged the chat menu and added some quick buttons for convenience.

Both Gajim’s message search and conversation view received some important changes and fixes.

Thank you for all your contributions!

#gajim #xmpp #chat
OMEMO Logo, by fiaxh -, CC BY-SA 4.0,
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Matrix 1.7 is out now! It's got reactions (finally 💖), better mentions, async uploads, and a whole lot more.

Check out the blog post:
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Tom mastodon (AP)
very happy to see non-blocking uploads

Andy Balaam mastodon (AP)
Work on a genuinely important open source project, coding #rust for #matrix

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Andy Balaam mastodon (AP)
If you have any questions about the company or anything, I'd be happy to talk to you via DM or another way.

Pirate Praveen mastodon (AP)
"A petition has been filed by aggrieved users belonging to the Free Software Community of India in High Court of Kerala to publish the order as well as quash it. The petition also challenges Rule 16 of the Blocking Rules, 2009."

Thanks @sflcin


#FreeSoftware #FreeSpeech #element #briar #india
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Madagascar_Sky mastodon (AP)
This is amazing! No one thinks its possible until someone takes action and makes it possible!

Tutanota ✅ mastodon (AP)
#India banned encrypted apps @briar@element & @threemaapp based on the argument that these apps would be used by "terrorists".

This makes India the first democracy to act like Russian or Iranian autocrats.

#Fight4Privacy #No2Backdoors
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MPPs have passed #Bill60 which expands the role of private, for-profit clinics in #Ontario.

"Opening up our health care system to more private care will mean the priority won't be patient care: it will be corporate profits."

#OHIPCard vs #CreditCard #onpoli #dofo #cdnpoli #HealthcarePrivateers… #onpoli
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Aguilar mastodon (AP)
My neighbour, a nurse, informed me about an upcoming referendum in Ontario on May 24 - 26 about the privatisation of public hospitals. Can anyone confirm that?
If that is so and the vote is in favour of privatisation, it would sound the death knell for OHIP.
Information on the upcoming referendum in #Ontario on May 24 - 26 about the privatization of public hospitals is here:

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“People who criticize new technologies are sometimes called Luddites, but it’s helpful to clarify what the Luddites actually wanted. The main thing they were protesting was the fact that their wages were falling at the same time that factory owners’ profits were increasing, along with food prices. They were also protesting unsafe working conditions, the use of child labor, and the sale of shoddy goods that discredited the entire textile industry. The Luddites did not indiscriminately destroy machines; if a machine’s owner paid his workers well, they left it alone. The Luddites were not anti-technology; what they wanted was economic justice. They destroyed machinery as a way to get factory owners’ attention. The fact that the word #Luddite is now used as an insult, a way of calling someone irrational and ignorant, is a result of a smear campaign by the forces of capital.”

Ted Chiang in the New Yorker.
Wait - this is the mainstream?

Pirate Praveen mastodon (AP)
‘Lack of understanding’: Software body criticises Centre’s move to ban 14 applications.


#india #element #briar #FreeSoftware
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So, many parts of Alberta are on fire and have been most of the last week. It is getting really bad today. So of course, the conspiracy theories are flying as hot and thick as the smoke. "the environmentalists are doing it", "the government is infiltrated by... WEF", "it's chemtrails", "it's climate fire bugs", "it's Trudeau's fault" (of course) and "they are trying to burn everyone out so they have to move to "smart cities". JFC.

But not one person talking about fossil fuel driven climate change and it's contribution to extreme drought and heat. No one is suggesting maybe we should give every support we can to those that are developing non-fossil fuel energy systems. No one is saying we should all use less energy, buy less crap, live more simply. My heart is broken by the photos coming out of Alberta today. Innocents suffer for the greed and bullshit of the few.

#AlbertaFires #ClimateChange #ClimateDisaster #prepping #GetPrepared
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Pirate Praveen mastodon (AP)
Free Software Community of India (#FSCI) statement on banning of apps like @element and @briar

"Federated, peer-to-peer, encrypted, Free Software apps/software like #Element and #Briar, should be promoted. They are key to our national security as they provide means to enable sovereign, private and secure communication to citizens of India. Element has been embraced by Governments of France, Germany and Sweden which should be an example for #India."
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Thank you for making this statement in support of secure communication.
Nope. Eradicate terrorism first. Then the govt will be ok with it.
Pirate Praveen mastodon (AP)
Govts themselves are funding and arming terrorists in other countries. If this has to work, all countries will have to come together, which is unlikely.
Pirate Praveen mastodon (AP)
@internetfreedom almost all mainstream media has ended up being just PR agency of the govt - they did not even ask about transparency or contact the banned apps. We need to inform media and general public about the impact of the ban on our fundamental right to #privacy.

What a terrible thing to hear about. As an Element user myself, this is absolutely disheartening.
It's really stupid thing saying that Element or Briar doesn't have representatives in India. That's not too different from asking that Linux should have representatives in India.
Pirate Praveen mastodon (AP)
@Breakfastisready@internetfreedom that is even a violation of the IT act which they have used as an excuse here. Only significant intermediaries that has 50 lakh users need to have a representative in India.

Gajim mastodon (AP)
Sneak peek: Gajim 1.8 will integrate OMEMO encryption! In the past, we moved the most popular plugins into Gajim's core: image preview, plugin installer, HTTP upload, syntax highlight, and now OMEMO encryption as well. This brings tighter integration and better user experience :xmpp:

#xmpp #gajim #encryption
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Element mastodon (AP)
We’ll work with the Central Indian Government to champion Element, Matrix, decentralisation and the importance of private communications. But we’ll never compromise our mission to provide secure comms for all.
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Quincy mastodon (AP)
any results yet?

Byron Miller mastodon (AP)
Do more Art
Art is pointless without passion. You have to go out and create art. Get an actual job doing what you love and make a living by being yourself. You can't just let other people define the rest of your life and say you will be a joke, a failure. Follow your heat. You will end up happy and free, not starving artist. Love your art and contribute to society by inspiring people instead of wasting time letting others tell you you're worthless. You can change the world.
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Irving Popovetsky mastodon (AP)
The perfect confirmation dialog does not exist…
A confirmation dialog for enabling vim mode
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Jonathan S. mastodon (AP)
@hubert Why do I have a feeling it will only accept :wq andneither accept :x nor ZZ?

🚨 User research participants needed 🚨

We’re looking for users of Element, Matrix and/or competitor products to gain a better understanding of how communications apps are used at work.

If you’d like to help us & take part, please sign up here 😊
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Thanks for working on this. Any plans to avoid using Google products for the research and try #opensource alternatives?
kazord mastodon (AP)
same a other , can’t participate cause it’s a Google form

Today is World Press Freedom Day🕊️

Nextcloud supports the freedom of the press & upholding privacy through the use of encryption.

Read the open letter signed by us and 40 other organizations & businesses who advocate for a free web!
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The Tor Project mastodon (AP)
By upholding encryption we empower journalists to report on important issues while protecting their sources without fear of surveillance and retribution. Tor has signed the open letter to protect press freedom and our right to privacy.
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The Tor Project mastodon (AP)
The Tor network is underpinned by encryption, and we have partnered with many news outlets and social media sites to launch Onion Sites that bypass censorship and allow people to safely and anonymously access, share and publish information. #pressfreedom #wpfd2023

uhoreg peertube (AP)

MLS Element demo - group updates 2023-04-21

A demo of the proof-of-concept implementation of Decentralised MLS in Element Web. The demo shows federated users being invited to an MLS-encrypted group and sending/receiving encrypted messages.
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Pirate Praveen mastodon (AP)
India blocks 14 apps including #element, @briar, threema, imo etc

"While tracking down one of the communication, agencies found that the mobile application does not have representatives in India and it is difficult to track down activities happening on the app".

Read more at:

This is a dangerous precedent and opens the door to ban any app/service not having a presence in India. We should challenge this order in the Supreme Court.

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satan calckey (AP)
Time for to set up their own F-Droid repo
Pirate Praveen mastodon (AP)
@satan@element it is still available from main fdroid repo and govt could block their fdroid repo too if they want to, the sustainable option is lifting the ban, hoping our courts will step in to reverse this ban.

ticho mastodon (AP)
Hooray, #Matrix plugin for #Irssi can now both read and send messages in rooms. 🥳
A screenshot of Irssi program running, with "hello world, this is the first public message sent using Matrix plugin for Irssi! :)" message shown sent to room
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A general update by the founders, progress on intentional mentions, the release of eternal IRC bridges… that and much MUCH more happened this week in Matrix!
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Andy Balaam mastodon (AP)
Stop the Online Safety Bill

Sign the petition before they pass a law that requires all messaging providers to monitor the content of everyone's messages.
Walrus mastodon (AP)
I notice Twitter no longer lets me put up a link to the petition by clicking a button.
kim_harding ✅ mastodon (AP)
Signing a petition like this can only change things in a functioning democracy. Sadly as the UK is no longer such a thing, it only acts as a form of protest, but protest we must

Ugh. Why did they move the "Start" menu away from the corner? And there seems to be no way to move it back.

It's taking over 4 hours to download a VM image of Windows with Visual Studio that will expire and be unusable in 3 months (and I'm lucky that such a VM is even available, though I won't be surprised if, after it's done downloading and I've set it up, I find out it isn't what I need). It took about half an hour to download a VM image of FreeBSD that will never expire. I hate working with proprietary software.

Mysk🇨🇦🇩🇪 mastodon (AP)
Google has just updated its 2FA Authenticator app and added a much-needed feature: the ability to sync secrets across devices.

TL;DR: Don't turn it on.

The new update allows users to sign in with their Google Account and sync 2FA secrets across their iOS and Android devices.

We analyzed the network traffic when the app syncs the secrets, and it turns out the traffic is not end-to-end encrypted. As shown in the screenshots, this means that Google can see the secrets, likely even while they’re stored on their servers. There is no option to add a passphrase to protect the secrets, to make them accessible only by the user.

Why is this bad?

Every 2FA QR code contains a secret, or a seed, that’s used to generate the one-time codes. If someone else knows the secret, they can generate the same one-time codes and defeat 2FA protections. So, if there’s ever a data breach or if someone obtains access .... 🧵

#Privacy #Cybersecurity #InfoSec #2FA #Google #Security
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Still remember this time I was looking out the window at the place I worked and was watching someone use a traffic cone to try and scrape the ice off their windshield.

My coworker just mumbled "that's not how you install VLC on windows" to himself as he walked by looking and nobody will ever tell a better joke than that.
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End-to-End encryption is one of the good things we have with the current internet and app ecosystems. But it is under constant threat -- be it from EU's #chatcontrol, UK's "online safety bill" or the current renewed "EARN IT" effort in the US: ....
anyone of these efforts succeeding would be a dangerous dam break. Let's collectively make sure all these governmental anti-privacy efforts fail!
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NeoChat mastodon (AP)
We just reached more than 3000 commits in NeoChat! A big thanks to all the contributors:
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A PoC of Matrix using MLS in Element Web, new features in the matrix-rust-sdk, and bridges that won't die… that and more happened this week in Matrix!
A screenshot of Element iOS with mentions working in the Rich Text Editor
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uhoreg peertube (AP)

MLS Element demo - group creation

A demo of the proof-of-concept implementation of Decentralised MLS in Element Web. The demo shows an MLS-encrypted group created with two devices and messages sent between the two devices.
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hey look @adz! (as the person who explained MLS to me I thought I should tag you here)
adz hometown (AP)
Wow, amazing! That's so cool! Did you see this @raphaelrobert ?

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Matthew Garrett mastodon (AP)
If you installed a Linux system with disk encryption more than a couple of years ago, there's a decent chance it's using a weak key derivation function and someone who cares enough would be in a position to brute-force it. has more details and instructions on how to update to a better KDF.
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Element mastodon (AP)
We’re part of an open letter asking the UK government to rethink the Online Safety Bill to protect end-to-end encryption and respect privacy.

Read the letter here:
Adnan 👦🦀 mastodon (AP)
@matrix ah! Element is a UK based company. What does it mean specifically for the users of Element if this Online Safety Bill becomes the law in UK? mastodon (AP)
@adnan that the UK government might block us from the UK app stores, much as China has.
Adnan 👦🦀 mastodon (AP)
Hmm.. so does this law only apply to end user apps and not to services that route e2e encrypted messages between those apps (or even to keyservers that facilitate the initial handshake)?

I may be asking for legal advice 😄
minecraftchest1 mastodon (AP)
How do I sign?

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Garry Knight mastodon (AP)
US teens say they have new proof for 2,000-year-old mathematical theorem

'New Orleans students Calcea Johnson and Ne’Kiya Jackson recently presented their findings on the Pythagorean theorem'

#mathematics #maths #math
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Along similar lines is how everyone used to "know" that you couldn't fold a piece of paper in half more than 8 times, until a high school student figured out the requirements for folding n times, and then proceeded to fold a (very, very long and thin) piece of paper 12 times.
Garry Knight mastodon (AP)
I read that you couldn't fold a piece of paper 14 times. Probably from someone who wasn't leaving anything to chance.
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