There's no upside to mass surveillance.

"A National Security Agency system that analyzed logs of Americans’ domestic phone calls and text messages cost 0 million from 2015 to 2019, but yielded only a single significant investigation..."

.onion: https://www.nytimes3xbfgragh.onion/2020/02/25/us/politics/nsa-phone-program.html

It's happening! Matrix London Meetup is about to start, join the livestream at

Why Public Transit Should Be Free For All - The Bullet

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Why Public Transit Should Be Free For All

RIP Katherine Johnson

This Week In Matrix is here! Featuring # news, Matrix Live with KB1RD on matrix-notepad, Synapse 1.11 and upcoming major perf fixes, free Radicals, Dad Bots and SO MUCH MORE!

It's official - @[email protected] is fully live on Matrix! Helping get Mozilla going has been a lot of fun, and we'll see a lot of improvements to Riot's UX in the coming months based on their feedback (turns out they know quite a lot about FOSS usability :D)

Yay! We've been accepted into Google Summer of Code as an organisation again this year - calling all students: if you have a free summer and want to help build Matrix get thinking of proposals! # #

Happy # day 2020!

Even though they technically don't make software, I'd like to thank the XMPP Standards Foundation ( @xmpp ) and their members for their work on open standards and decentralized communication.

I'd also like to thank @matrix which shares the same goals.

A special thanks goes to halfshot for building the matrix-bifrost bridge which connects both protocols.

Let's liberate communication together!

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I just managed to join a private @matrix room Form # using the # bridge!

I think what hindered me before was that my matrix account which was already joined in that room before was using the same nick as my @xmpp account tried to use when joining. Renaming the xmpp nick did the trick ;)

OpenPush - A Free, Decentralized Push Messaging Framework for Android

(The embedded video doesn't play because of a strict CSP policy, if you want to watch it, you'll need to click through to the # talk page)

# happened! We just published a quick wrap-up of the conference and videos of all the talks :D Thanks once again to everyone who came to our talks and spoke to us :)

Its interesting that the new "master key cross signing" feature of @matrix is exactly what the @xmpp summit came up with just two days before :D

Guess we both are on the right track.

Happy palindrome day!

Frantic final preparations for # demos are under way... if you want to see the grand reveal for cross-signing, QR verification and enabling E2EE by default, head to K-building auditorium at 4pm on Sunday!

A step in the right direction.
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Backblazed |

# needs more stories like this! Great 👌

If anyone has been reading mailing lists through, you'll need to change your news reader to point to instead now.
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