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Last week I was talking about how awesome it would be if some of the people who have been laid off recently from 'Big Tech' jobs decided to form #coops.

There seemed to be a need for more info around this, so I had a meeting with CoTech colleagues @BillySmith@chrislowis & @Graham_Mitchell to figure out something practical.

Pleased to show MVP site as a result of this at

There are five of us - including @KingMob - volunteering initially. Please share widely!
Screenshot of MVP 'CoTech Digital Candle' service.

Text reads:" Interested in starting a co-op? Get some help from CoTech"

Underneath is an embedded Google Calendar form.
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Literally mastodon (AP)
@KingMob have a linkedin post we could boost?
Doug Belshaw mastodon (AP)
@Literally@KingMob There is now!
Trevor Bramble mastodon (AP)
Did I miss some explanation as to why someone would consider starting a co-op?
Doug Belshaw mastodon (AP)
@TrevorBramble We're at the stage after that. But what's not to like about worker ownership?
Trevor Bramble mastodon (AP)
Nothing I'm aware of?
Merc mastodon (AP)

It would probably be good to have some background on what you mean by a co-op. I understand co-ops in terms of housing and retail businesses, where the often there's a requirement that customers are members. But, what does it look like in the tech space?
Doug Belshaw mastodon (AP)
@merc@TrevorBramble Take a look at - basically worker ownership
tutormentor1 mastodon (AP)

I encourage you to take a look at the ChiHackNight civic tech group in #Chicago.

Join their Slack channel; or their Tuesday on-line events. One sub group focuses on co-ops.

This has been going for 10 years and many projects have been launched from the working groups. Looks similar to your goal.
Old Fucking Punk mastodon (AP)

I was going to look into this further, but doesn't seem all that FOSS serious with GitHub, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube links.
Aral Balkan mastodon (AP)
Best of luck!

PS. Would be awesome if the coop model also adopted ethical standards with regards to what was permissible as the business model, etc. (e.g., not allowing businesses that monetise people’s data space under the banner, etc.) After all, a more equitable arrangement isn’t necessarily a win if everyone in an organisation is equitably benefitting from an unethical business model.

I’m sure you’re already discussing such things.

Matt Noyes mastodon (AP)
@KingMob Great idea! Please check out the emphasis on starting not with the business plan, or tech project, but with the solidarity group is crucial. I wonder how it might apply in this context?
thomas 🌸 mastodon (AP)

I've been thinking about this alot and I think people need examples of successful tech companies pulling this off to truly understand this is possible. I'd love documentaries / interviews with founders, employees describing the differences from previous non co-op jobs. Blasting this message out is really important to adoption. It's really a different way of thinking about tech, funding, investing, ipo, all of it.
@KingMob Y'all should talk to @ZaneSelvans who's already doin' it.
damn that's awesome. I would love to see that here in USA.
Pope Bob mastodon (AP)
I would really like to find people to work with to form a rural co-op ISP with a focus on teaching people in the community how to operate the technology. I'd like to see more skills exemplified over time, but ISP is my wheel house.

I will make a note of this resource, and hopefully find time and energy to pursue this further.

damn I wish this had existed when I started my sort of coop years ago
Many Irenes mastodon (AP)
very exciting!!!! great to see this!
sorry if I sound blur, but what does a co-op do?
There are different types of co-ops, but this thread is mainly about worker co-operatives, which basically means that the organization is owned and run by the workers, rather than by someone else. A lot more can be said about it, but that's the simplified version.
Doug Belshaw mastodon (AP)
@hubert@liztai Yes, as others have said it's an ownership model not a business model. Can be used in any sector but particularly fruitful at the moment in the tech sector for recently laid-off workers to continue working together.
Graham mastodon (AP)
Yes, in a nuts-and-bolts kind of a way it is about ownership, but to say it is just about ownership is to deny the hugely rich seam of opportunities that flow from the application of the underpinning values and principles. Cooperation is a radically different way to do business. @hubert@dajb@BillySmith@liztai@chrislowis@KingMob
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I was wondering if this would come up. Can I get a website?
i get alternative disney music in my head:

"do you wanna build a cöop?"
well, heck. that's cool!
GhostOnTheHalfShell mastodon (AP)
Democracy@Work might be nice in this. I think some interaction with them would be beneficial
Steven mastodon (AP)
i’ve tried a dozen times and can’t get past your recaptcha so it might be broken.

for folks in countries absent cooperative laws that support tech companies (namely india) you may want to reach out to the folks at about their coop structure. it’s open source:

good luck!
I wasn't laid off from Big Tech, but I'm thinking of doing this with a aside hustle here in Aotearoa NZ anyway.
@jtonline maybe a Fabric Co-op 🙂
Ray Kiddy mastodon (AP)
good to see. thanx for posting. I know of but more info is usually better.
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FYI I appear to be in an endless loop of proving I’m not a robot, having it do the green check and ask me again (from my iPhone).

Do you really human checking on that page?
Greg McVerry mastodon (AP)
We are turning a volunteer coalition here in CT into a co-op:

CW: it is #cybersecurity in Defense manufacturing

drafted our mission and vision statement.

Going to do an S-corp or LLC in US.

Don't want to make money but members can charge if they facilitate trainings, any excess funds donated.

We needed way to have insurance and tax ID, co-op seem to make most sense
Awesome, this is a thing I've been thinking about a lot, and which I've gotten buy-in for from my current client, as a way of expanding our relationship (so to speak).

I have booked a slot to chat with you on Friday morning (Jon Levin), looking forward to it!