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Alberta, vote today! How is it that the UCP is polling ahead of the NDP? I know that Alberta likes their conservative governments, but with the things that Smith has said and done, the UCP shouldn't be polling so high. Get out and vote. It doesn't matter if you're in a "safe Blue", or a "safe Orange" riding. Vote!

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Alberta, I'm disappointed in you. Especially you, Calgary. Though, congratulations to the seats in Calgary that managed to flip. And Banff-Kananaskis. Lethbridge-West, why couldn't you be more like Lethbridge-East?
I have to laugh and shake my head at Smith calling it a "Miracle on the Praries". No, you were leading in the polls pretty much the whole time. You're in a strongly conservative province. I mean, if you're saying that it's a miracle that the majority of Albertans chose to ignore your terribleness, then yes, sure. But people voting the same way the polls said they would isn't a miracle. If the UCP ran with a saner leader, they probably would have won by a lot more.
I'd be more inclined to say "people voting the way the polls said they should..."