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MLS Element demo - group creation

A demo of the proof-of-concept implementation of Decentralised MLS in Element Web. The demo shows an MLS-encrypted group created with two devices and messages sent between the two devices.
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It depends on what you mean by "land". Aside from the proof-of-concept version that I'm implementing in Element Web, there should be an experimental implementation showing up in other the Matrix Rust SDK and in other Element clients anoud the second half of this year. The MSC should be ready for review within the same timeframe. I'm guessing that it won't actually land in the spec until some time next year. Even then, I'd expect that clients will still need to support olm/megolm for quite a while.
hey look @adz! (as the person who explained MLS to me I thought I should tag you here)
Wow, amazing! That's so cool! Did you see this @raphaelrobert ?